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Tuition and Fees

For a detailed breakdown of tuition prices and related fees, please visit the Tuition & Fees page.

Student Financial Records

Students can access their account online by visiting their student portal and selecting the appropriate link. Students can view account details, make payments and view other personal details by visiting My Finances.

Payment Options

Several options are available to students to pay their accounts:

  • Financial Aid
  • Preferred methods of payment include electronic check (ACH), paper check or money order.
  • Pay by one-time or recurring ACH from checking or savings here.
  • Student Accounts Office accepts cash, checks and money orders only.

Unless a student is enrolled in a Pomeroy Payment Plan, all student balances are expected to be paid in full prior to the start of the term.

Pomeroy Payment Plan

SMWC offers an optional payment plan that allows students to spread payments of anticipated tuition, fees, housing, and food expenses for up to 6 installments for each semester (fall & spring).

Installment payments are due by the 15th of every month. A late fee will be added 5 days after the due date.  All charges must be paid in full by the end of the semester.  Students are responsible for all charges assessed to their account.

Pomeroy Payment Plan Enrollment Dates

Fall 2024 Enrollment

Payment Plan EnrollmentNumber of PaymentsMonths of Payments
June 1 – June 306July – December
July 1 – July 315August – December
August 1 – August 314September – December
September 1 – September 303October – December
October 1 – October 312November – December

Spring 2025 Enrollment

Payment Plan EnrollmentNumber of PaymentsMonths of Payments
December 1 – December 316January – June
January 1 – January 315February – June
February 1 – February 284March – June
March 1 – March 313April – June
April 1 – April 302May – June

Student Account Fees

Late payment fee$25
Credit card convenience fee3.0%
ACH/echeck fee0.8% of the transaction amount or $5 max
Returned check of ACH (NSF fee)$25
Stop payment fee$33

Financial Aid Adjustments (Title IV aid)

If a student withdraws, fails or does not attend all scheduled courses, the college is obligated under federal regulations to recalculate the amount of financial aid the student has earned, based on the percentage of time completed in the term. The college tuition refund policy does not mirror the federal guidelines. As a result, the student may owe a balance due to the College.

For more information, visit the following: Treatment of Title IV When a Student Withdraws or Stops Attending

For more information about payment-related topics such as fees, late payments, payment plans, billing, deadlines and more, view the Student Account Policies Document.

Student Accounts

The Student Accounts Office offers several services for students, please contact the Student Accounts Office to see what we can do for you.

Visit the WoodsNet for a complete list of Student Accounts Office forms that are available online.