Arts & Letters

Fostering creativity, artistic expression and independent thinking.

Areas of Study

The Department of Arts & Letters is a hub for creative life at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. We aim to stimulate and support your growth as an artist as well as expand your mind and expression. You will be prepared for a career limited only by your imagination. Guided by distinguished faculty, we bring you venues for artistic expression and experiential learning opportunities to hone your technical skills and assist in the discovery of your creative voice.

Visual arts scholarship

Do you have talent and an impressive portfolio? You may be eligible for scholarships at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College.

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Experience the arts

As a student, you can enjoy — and take leadership in — art exhibits, concerts and other cultural events on the SMWC campus.

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As an Art and Design student, you will have access to a large ceramics studio with a computerized kiln capable of firing large ceramic sculptures and a variety of hand tools, Macintosh computers, scanners and printers, digital cameras, and multi-media equipment.

The visual and performing creative arts scholarships at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College are available to high school seniors or transferring college students. Scholarships will be awarded to a select group of campus-based SMWC students enrolled in a degree-seeking program who demonstrate excellence in creative arts.

“I like that I’m able to talk to my professors. There aren’t many students in a class so we could just focus on learning … and being more involved.”

– Monica, graphic design major